Rabbit Services

Ensure your rabbit's health with vital vet check-ups and protection against pests.

With their floppy ears and generally cute appearance, rabbits are now considered as one of the most popular pets for families to own. They are often seen as introductory pets, before people move on to larger furry companions. That being said, rabbits actually require a lot of maintenance and many new rabbit parents often do not realize how much work really goes into caring for these hip-hoppity creatures. At Antigonish Veterinary Clinic, we can help you be the best parent for your bunny. Call us at 902-863-3157 if you have any questions or concerns about your rabbit’s medical care.

How is a rabbit different from a cat or dog?

Rabbits are definitely not low maintenance. In fact, you actually need to pay closer attention to them than you would cats, dogs or other more “traditional” pets. This is because rabbits have a natural inclination to hide their weakness. So, they need more exams than other pets for the veterinary team to check for any underlying illnesses. Please keep a lookout for any visible changes in their appearance or their behaviour. Excess fur shedding and decreased appetite are often indicators of a health problem.

What should I feed my pet bunny or rabbit?

Rabbits are herbivores or vegetarians. They generally enjoy green vegetables and fruits like pineapple and bananas. Fresh hay is considered as a staple for rabbits. And when they are still bunnies, alfalfa hay is usually the best option, while other variants like oat hay will suffice once they are older.

Do rabbits need to be spayed or neutered?

For sure! If your rabbit is fixed, you are giving them a chance at a longer and healthier life. Spayed or neutered rabbits also have more relaxed personalities and are less likely to develop cancers and urinary tract infections. Plus, you can help prevent unwanted overpopulation and breeding!

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