Equine Vaccine Schedule

Vaccine protocols protect your horse against harmful preventable diseases that cause health issues.

Stabling horses in close proximity can heighten the risk of preventable diseases, and frequent travel may also increase their vulnerability to infections. Vaccination stands as the most effective means to protect your horse from these potential health hazards.

Which vaccinations does my horse need? 

Our veterinary team customizes your horse's vaccination plan to meet their individual requirements. These tailored protocols guarantee that vaccines are administered effectively to provide optimal protection. For instance, horses engaged in frequent international travel or participating in shows may need specific vaccines to enhance their immunity against particular diseases. When a vaccine is administered through the nose or muscle, a horse's immune system begins producing antibodies to combat the disease if they encounter it. Should you have any inquiries about vaccines, please reach out to us at 902-863-3157.

We recommend vaccinating your horse against: 

  • Equine influenza (flu-like disease, commonly affecting young horses) 
  • Tetanus (fatal disease, causing progressively worse muscle spasms and stiffness)
  • Equine herpes virus (respiratory disease, which can cause stillbirths and paralysis) 
  • Rotavirus (causes diarrhea)
  • Equine Viral Arteritis (flu-like respiratory disease, similar to pink eye)
  • West Nile Virus
  • Rabies
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