Equine Dentistry Services

Dental checkups alleviate pain and discomfort caused by dental disease, fractured teeth, and more.

Similar to humans, horses have two sets of teeth: temporary ones before their permanent adult teeth come in. Routine checkups are essential to verify the proper development of their teeth and identify any potential issues. Moreover, horses chew their food in a lateral motion, leading to the formation of sharp points on their teeth. Without regular examinations, these points may harm their soft tissues.

What type of dental issues are horses prone to? 

Dental issues like dental disease, abnormal bites, discomfort, and tooth fractures or breakages can affect horses. Regular checkups enable us to detect these problems at an early stage and provide appropriate care. Domestication has altered horses' feeding patterns, resulting in the development of sharp points on their teeth due to their side-to-side chewing. During sedation, we use our Power Float to eliminate these potential sources of discomfort and prevent cuts on the cheeks and tongue. If you suspect your horse has a dental problem, please reach out to us at 902-863-3157.

How often does my horse need a dental visit? 

We advise annual dental checkups for healthy adult horses. Younger and senior horses may require more frequent visits. A typical checkup lasts around 15-20 minutes and includes a physical examination to address any dental concerns. Monitoring signs like bad breath, facial swelling, chewing difficulties, or nasal discharge can help you detect potential dental problems that may necessitate an appointment. During a dental examination, we can manage issues such as fractured teeth, gum disease, cheek tooth infections, and developmental concerns in your horse.

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