Coggins Testing for Travel

Our accredited veterinarians administer the test before your horse’s upcoming travel and shows.

The Coggins Test is a crucial requirement for horses preparing for upcoming shows or international travel. As this test can only be performed by a certified veterinarian, our team possesses the required qualifications to assist you. Through a simple blood sample, we ascertain whether your horse carries Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), a viral infection that, once contracted, remains in the body and poses a risk of transmission to other horses.

How soon should the test be done before travel? 

To ensure that your horse meets the necessary travel and show requirements, we recommend consulting our veterinary team well in advance. The Coggins testing process is quite intricate and often involves sending blood samples to an external lab, which can result in a processing period of approximately 2-3 weeks. In addition to the bloodwork, there is a substantial amount of paperwork that must be completed. For instance, horses planning to travel to the USA need to be tested within 180 days of their journey, with the test results typically remaining valid for one year. To ensure your horse's test aligns with the required timeline, please reach out to us to schedule an appointment at 902-863-3157.

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