X-ray Services

State-of-the-art X-ray services for your pets' diagnosis and care.

One of the benefits of going to a full-service practice like Antigonish Veterinary clinic is that we are able to perform a wide range of tests and diagnostics on all our patients both in-clinic and on-site in the farms/stables of our clients. X-rays and ultrasounds are just two kinds of non-invasive ways to see and analyze the inner workings of your pet’s body. To learn more about our x-ray services simply reach out to us at 902-863-3157.

Do pets have to be sedated during X-rays or ultrasounds?

Yes. Even the most calm-natured pets cannot stay still long enough during these tests. Sedating your pet not only allows us to produce accurate scans, but it also saves them from unnecessary discomfort. For example, we may have to position them in awkward ways in order to scan certain body parts. Plus, certain pets have anxiety and being unconscious for the scan will stop any feelings of stress. Manual restraint is possible but only for incredibly rare occasions.

How much do X-rays or ultrasounds cost for pets?

Factors such as your pet’s height and weight all go into account when calculating the cost of these scans. Larger pets will need larger doses of sedative drugs.

How long does it take to ultrasound or X-ray a dog or cat?

For most pets, it takes our technicians about 10 minutes to conduct the scans. Then, they are submitted to your veterinarian for analysis. You can know results within the same day, although there are some cases where further testing is required.

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