Dermatology Services

Our team will treat allergies, parasites, and other conditions which can disturb your pet's skin.

Skin problems such as hair loss, sores, allergic reactions and more are a common problem among our furry family members. And it makes sense – this large organ is constantly exposed to the elements, as well as parasites and other irritants. With dermatological problems, it’s best to seek your veterinarian’s advice ASAP, before the problem gets any worse. A small rash can quickly escalate to a full-blown allergic reaction, or may even be a sign of an undiagnosed health problem. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 902-863-3157 for your pet’s dermatological needs.

What are the signs of skin problems in pets?

Behaviours such as excessive scratching, licking or even biting of their own skin are signs of dermatological problems. Other symptoms include bald patches, discoloration, dryness and excess shedding. Of course, visible sores, scaling and bleeding are also signs of a skin problem.

Why is my pet itching? What are the causes of skin conditions in pets?

Compromised immune systems, yeast infections, allergies, parasites, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, stress, as well as kidney and thyroid conditions can all contribute to your pet’s skin problems. In the summer months, pets can even get mild to severe sunburns if they spend too much time out in the sun. Sun protection products made specifically for pets are available.

What kinds of treatments are available to address skin issues in pets?

Antihistamines, antibiotics, medicated creams, injections and even laser therapy are all examples of treatment for skin problems. The therapy that your veterinarian will prescribe will depend on your pet’s diagnosis and unique situation.

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