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Pamela Davis

Client Care Representative
Pamela grew up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, in the small community of Danesville. She has always had a love of animals, as her father had cattle, ponies, draft horses, and a family dog. From an early age, Pamela knew she wanted to spend her life working with animals, thus graduated from NSAC in 1998. From there, she spent her working career on various farms, including beef, poultry and dairy. She also worked as a Farm Program Assistant and horse teamster and was a dog handler/caregiver at a dog kennel. Pam landed her dream job at our clinic in November of 2020 when she was hired as a Client Care Receptionist. She has learned so much in her short time at the clinic and enjoys working at the front desk with her co-worker Tamara. In her free time, Pam likes to spend time with her boyfriend and two children and her dog Duke. She also has a small flock of lay hens because why buy eggs when you can get them in your own backyard?